3M智能汽车空气净化器Plus(vap +)黑色6912504217874

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Model: 6912504217874
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3M Smart Vehicle Air Purifier Plus (vap+) Black 6912504217874

Introducing the 3M™ Vehicle Air Purifier Plus- an advanced four-layer filtration system that purifies the air in your car in minutes. Small enough to be installed virtually anywhere in your car (20.6cm x 17.6cm x 7.3cm), the purifier combines multiple proprietary filtration technologies from 3M to remove up to 99% of pollutants and airborne particles such as dirt, pollen, and smoke, which can be detrimental to the health of you and your loved ones.

  • Purifier protects you and your loved ones against harmful PM 2.5 dust particles and harmful gases
  • Gets rid of bad odors caused by food, sweat and other sources
  • Highly efficient formaldehyde removal
  • Reduces Allergic reaction from dust inhalation

As soon as a power source is connected, the device will immediately start up and begin to automatically detect the air quality within the vehicle’s interior, during which the air quality indicator light will shine blue (detection state).

The air quality detection will finish after the power source has been connected for 3 minutes. Hereafter, the air quality indicator light will change from blue (detection state) to the appropriate green (good quality), yellow (moderately good quality), or red colour (poor quality).


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