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DONGCHENG/东城 东成热风枪220V * 2000W * Q1B-FF-2000

Model: Q1B-FF-2000

Product Details

Dong Cheng Heat Gun 220V *2000W*Q1B-FF-2000

  • For heating of paint or coating, removing it from wood or metal surfaces; removing adhesive material or decorations; relieve tight or rusted metal nut or screws; thawing the lock or frozen pipes; shrinking PVC packaging films and insulating tube; shrinking polyethylene material and softening the welding materials
  • Built-in overheat protection device prolongs machine life
  • High and Low temperature / airflow adjustment


Rated Power Input : 2000 W
Temperature (Low Temperature) : 50-480
Temperature (High Temperature) : 50-600
Air Flow (Low Temperature) : 210-250
Air Flow (High Temperature) : 340-380
Net Weight : 0.8Kg


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