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Nakabem SR-610 Stainless Steel Stain Remover - 1kg Bottle
Nakabem SR-610 Stainless Steel Stain Remover - 1kg Bottle
Product Description

MOQ - 12 bottles

Features• Simultaneous pickling and passivation.

• High adhesivness ensuring prevention of streamdown after reaction. No gas.

• Chromic acid or aqua regia not contained.

• Physical properties not changed by long-term storage.

• Easy removal by rinsing.


• Cleaning of industrial equipment and structures made of stainless steel.

• Passivation treatment of stainless surface.

How to Use

• It is more effective to use after removing oil, slag, spotter, wax, tar, scale, rust, etc. from the stainless surface first.

• Apply evenly with a soft brush or spray machine.

(If using a brush or brush, apply in a certain direction to avoid staining)

• The recommended coating thickness is 0.1mm ~ 0.5mm.

• The treatment time is at least 30 minutes to 2 hours when the temperature of the applied surface is 20℃.

• After finishing the work, rinse the coated surface with plenty of water.

• Lastly, wash with water (high pressure water is more effective) after neutralization.

• Be sure to wear safety protection such as a respirator, rubber gloves, boots, protective clothing, and safety glasses during use.

• It is recommended to work in a well-ventilated area, and pay special attention to ventilation in poorly ventilated areas.

※ Be sure to test on an invisible part and use it if there is no abnormality.

Cautions• Wear protective equipment like rubber gloves, boots, protective clothing and safety goggles.
• Flush contaminated eyes or skin immediately with water.
• Wash relevant surfaces with water after pickling or passivation to remove residues.
• Use the product in the well-ventilated place. Install ventilator when using the product in the tank.
• Dispose waste solution under waste water treatment rules.
• Keep the product in the well-ventilated and cold place without direct sunlight.
• Do not use it in combination with water, acid or alkali.

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Minimum order of 12 units, in Sets of 12
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