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OEM/OEM代工 新纸箱/邮件箱/快递箱/礼品盒

Model: New Carton Box / Mailing Box / Courier Box / Gift Box
Brand: OEM

Product Details

Local Seller - All cartons are instock, buyers are welcome to visit our warehouse to view samples/self-collect

🏆Available Immediately

🏆High Quality

🏆Fast Delivery

🏆Factory Pricing

Sizes Available:

N12 - 13cm X 8cm X 9cm (Smallest)

N11 - 14.5cm X 8.5cm X 10.5cm

N10 - 17.5cm X 9.5cm X 11.5cm

N9 - 19.5cm X 10.5cm X 13.5cm

N8 - 21cm X 11cm X 14cm

N7 - 23cm X 13cm X 16cm

N6 - 26cm X 15cm X 18cm

N5 - 29cm X 17cm X 19cm

N4 - 35cm X 19cm X 23cm

N3 - 43cm X 21cm X 27cm

N2 - 53cm X 23cm X 29cm

N1 - 53cm X 29cm X 37cm

N0 - 60cm X 40cm X 50cm (Biggest) - Can use for house moving

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Minimum Order of 100 pcs

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